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Milk Feeding Project for Schools

In 1995 a mass exodus occurred in Velanai due to a civil war conflict. Most of those who stayed are poor and malnourished. The One Sri Lanka Foundation in conjunction with the Humpty Dumpty Institute and in association with the Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society has created a Milk Feeding Project in the Velanai schools. The dairy industry suffered greatly during the civil war and milk was being shipped in from the Mainland. The Sri Lanka Navy must inspect all containers and during this procedure the milk was being contaminated. HDI together with Land O’Lakes have revitalized this industry and the farmers of Velanai had the opportunity to be part of this project.

Now the milk production in Velanai has doubled. The Multi-Purpose Co-Operatives collect the milk from the famers and deliver it to the school children. There are now 5 schools with 421 children between the ages of 6-12 years included in this project. The kids love it!

Milk Feeding for Schools Project photo gallery

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