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Tour of the Land Mine affected areas In Sri Lanka
The One Sri Lanka Foundation is leading a team of delegates to Sri Lanka to tour the land mine affected areas on the island. The delegation consists of The Humpty Dumpty Foundation, People to People International, The Julia Burke Foundation and members of the One Sri Lanka Foundation, all of whom are actively involved in helping with the eradication of the land mines world wide. Key executives of both The Halo Foundation and MAG will also join the delegation to assist the foundation’s effort with this tour. The tour will be conducted from the 13th through the 20th of September.

During the tour, the delegation will visit the mine affected areas, meet some of the people who are affected by the land mines, meet the members of the demining teams on the ground, and view the removal of land mines. The delegation will also meet some of the key government and private sector officials in the Capital city of Colombo.

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