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Gunasekera Children’s Home Opening Ceremony with the new facilities funded by One Sri Lanka Foundation-NGO-SL (OSLF):

OSLF-NGO-SL ceremoniously declared open the Gunasekera Children’s Home new facilities at No.343, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya on August 7th at 10am by the Chief Guest, His Excellency, Robert Blake Jr. - US Ambassador to Sri Lanka & Maldives and the Guest of Honor - Hon. (Dr.) Palitha Kohona, Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

To improve the facilities with better amenities, in February of 2006, OSLF-NGO-SL undertook the tasks of demolishing the 100 years old home in the front, putting up two new buildings (6599 Square Feet), and renovating the existing building (1218 Square feet) in the center at a cost of over Rs. 14 million. OSLF-NGO were fortunate to find good contractors and architects who either volunteered their time or done the work at cost basis. OSLF-NGO volunteer staff spent considerable amount of time for this project and purchased the building materials to manage the cost. OSLF-NGO was able to get 15 to 20% savings from suppliers. OSLF-NGO is very much grateful for the support that we received from all of them for this worthy cause. Otherwise, under the current construction cost (Rs.4,500 per Sq.Ft), the new facilities provided by OSLF would have cost over Rs.25 million. With these improvements, this location can now comfortably accommodate up to 48 girls. We also provided additional funds to cover monthly operational expenses and thus far OSLF from the inception has contributed Rs.19 million, which is inclusive of the new facilities. This Project was made possible by the sponsorship of One Srilanka Foundation and contributions made by well wishes/donors from USA.

One Srilanka Foundation which is a U.S. State Department recognized non-profit organization committed to developing and implementing humanitarian projects in Sri Lanka. The mission of the OSLF is to completely eliminate the landmine menace in Sri Lanka and convert mine fields to rice fields. However, in response to the recent tsunami disaster the Foundation's focus has been expanded and the Tsunami Relief Fund has been created. Initially OSLF focused on emergency relief activities for the Tsunami victims and later efforts have been centered around to serve underprivileged children to enhance their livelihood with proper education to become productive citizens of our society. OSLF give special consideration for those victimized by natural disasters and the war irrespective of race, creed or gender.

About One Sri Lanka Foundation
Founded in June 2002, the Foundation is committed to developing and implementing humanitarian projects in Sri Lanka that will transform the “Seeds of devastation into Seeds of Restoration”. Its current mission is to raise funds from individual donors, charitable institutions and non-profit organizations across the world to completely eliminate the land mine menace in Sri Lanka.

For more information about the foundation, please visit http://www.onesrilanka.org

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