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The Humpty Dumpty Institute
The Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI) established in 1998, is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating innovative public-private partnerships in the worldwide battle against land mines. HDI’s founders have developed some of the most successful programs to date including the internationally known Adopt-A-Minefield program. In 2001, the Humpty Dumpty Institute was designated by the U.S. State Department to take the lead in establishing a new series of public-private partnerships in international mine action through its National Mine Action Group. In addition to land mine clearance activity in Sri Lanka, HDI is currently involved in mine clearance projects in Azerbaijan, Armenia and The Republic of Georgia. Visit HDI's website at www.humptydumpty.net.

People To People International
People to People International (PTPI), with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri USA, was established by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on September 11, 1956 as a not-for-profit organization to advance international understanding and friendship, tolerance and world peace between people of all nations through direct people-to-people contacts. Today, our mission continues to enhance the foundation of our organization with educational, cultural and humanitarian programs for youth and adults worldwide. PTPI has a presence in 125 countries with more than 80,000 families and individuals actively participating in People to People International programs. Visit PTPI’s web site at www.ptpi.org.

Julia Burke Foundation
The Julia Burke Foundation was established in 1998 as a vehicle to support causes of interest to Julia Burke, preferably in ways that perpetuate her memory and influence. So far, several areas of interest have been identified and projects accomplished by the Foundation, one of which being international land mine removal. This has been accomplished via sponsorship of projects through outstanding organizations, to eradicate land mines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) and to assist survivors of land mine accidents, in countries emerging from conflict. Web site: www.juliaburkefoundation.com.

The HALO Trust
The HALO Trust is a non-political, non-religious NGO, registered in Britain as a charity (no.1001813) and in the United States as a Not-for-Profit organization (501(c)). HALO specializes in the removal of the debris of war, with a clear mission statement: “getting mines out of the ground, now.”

HALO has over 4,850 mine clearers in 9 countries, with ongoing surveys into new regions. Although the Ottawa Treaty banned land mines 5 years ago, HALO is busier than ever conducting mine clearance with over 4,850 local de-miners in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Mozambique, Angola, Eritrea, Somalia and Sri Lanka. HALO’s headquarters is in Scotland, with a further office in New York. Web site: www.halotrust.org

Mines Advisory Group
MAG is an international not-for-profit, Non-Governmental Organization that assists people affected by land mines and unexploded ordnance (UXO - bombs, mortars, grenades). MAG clears and destroys the land mines and left-over weapons that make areas unsafe after war. MAG is based in Manchester in the United Kingdom with its sister organization, MAG America, in Washington in the USA. Web site: www.mag.org.uk

The Wheelchair Foundation
The Wheelchair Foundation, headquartered in Danville, California, is a not-for-profit organization leading an international effort to deliver a wheelchair to every man, woman and child in the world who needs one, regardless of nationality, race or creed. In partnership with Rotary International and regional Rotary clubs both in the USA and Sri Lanka, and generous donations from Sri Lankans living the San Francisco Bay area. Web site: www.wheelchairfoundation.org

Rotary International
The Rotary Club of Colombo, Sri Lanka is a non-profit organization of businessmen and professionals from the Colombo community. The Rotary Club of Colombo gained it's charter in 1929 and has over 100 members, making it one of the oldest and largest Rotary clubs in the region. The Rotary Club of Colombo is part of Rotary International, which has 1.2 million members worldwide in more than 30,000 clubs, spread throughout 160 countries, all sharing the common vision of a better world. Web site: www.rotary.org

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