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Water Purification Project

Gastrointestinal infections, infectious Hepatitis and Typhoid have become prevalent in Menik Farm and this has caused the government to spend a great deal of resources on medication as well as staffing. Most of the cases are caused by contaminated water and lack of sanitation. Unfortunately, most of the victims are small children. In these areas, dehydration from diarrhea is the leading cause of death in children under the age of five. It is also common for diarrhea to cause malnutrition in these children. This malnutrition can lead to death as well as impaired mental and physical development. Children who are malnourished are more prone to repeat infections.

OSLF in partnership with Hayleys PLC, have implemented a Water Purification Project in Zone 5. Together they have supplied the region with Water Purification equipment.

Water Purification Project photo gallery

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